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                                   Kitchen Remodeling

As experienced kitchen designers and builders in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area, we begin the process with asking specific questions to ensure that the vision matches your way of life.. For example, "How often do you cook? What do you feel about your current layout/foot print? What would you change about your kitchen if you could anything?
We also can create a free 3D digital rendering so you can see in advance, an accurate view of your new kitchen. You can decide between a modern or contemporary design, traditional, or even ranch or Spanish style.  Or even just create your own style. We will create a design/ foot print that allows you to better utilize and enjoy your kitchen.  We will educate you on the materials that require maintenance or materials to avoid any maintenance.  Your cabinetry finish could be a simple stain, painted, or have some form of glazing or even highlights.  We can provide just about anything.  Their are so many options to choose from allowing you to personalize your kitchen and truly make it your own.  We talk about lighting options as well as some “bells and whistles” too. We will also personally shop with you for your kitchen appliances, counter tops, floor and backsplash materials as well as your plumbing fixtures.  In some cases TSH will receive a discount that will be passed right along to you.  Some discount are exclusive to TSH Construction and Design.  We will design and create your dream kitchen remodel in a manner and timeframe that will be suitable to your schedule.  We promise that you'll look forward to sharing your new custom kitchen remodel with family and friends for years and years to come.
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