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                                       Home Additions
This particle scope of work needs quite a bit more hand holding and much more information needs to be passed on to you. We begin talking about your needs, wants and desires.  Before we begin the home addition process, we take the opportunity to discuss with you ways to save on energy costs using “green energy” savings devices. We’ll talk about their upfront costs as well as the short- and long-term savings you can accrue.  Some examples of these methods are as simple as a tankless water heater, changing out your windows, installing solar panels and just about anything else in-between.  We’ll also discuss the steps involved in the architectural/design phase, from potential costs, timeframe, City fees and permit costs to the effects on your property taxes. We will also assist you in any City paperwork. In many cases, it could drastically affect your daily routine/life.  We will make every effort to minimize this impact and keep you informed of the home addition process on a daily basis.
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